Josh Pray has been a vocal fan of Gaelic games over the last while.

Gaelic games

(Source: @joshpray/Instagram)

Earlier this year, the US comedian Josh Pray went viral in Ireland because of his reaction to watching hurling for the first time.

He was seriously impressed by the skill on display and decided to share his thoughts on the sport on Facebook.

After seeing his post, and the massive reaction to it, the folks at the GAA and Tourism Ireland decided that getting Josh to Croke Park would be a great idea, so he was treated to a ticket to the All Ireland Senior men’s football final between Dublin and Kerry on September 1st.

By all accounts Josh had a great time seeing the action live and he continued to share his love for Gaelic games, including for the camogie finals last Sunday.

However, there was some criticism of the decision to give Josh a ticket to the football final, with some social media users saying that longstanding fans hadn’t been able to get their hands on a golden ticket.

Now it seems Josh is sick of the backlash and he’s shared a Facebook post saying he’s going to “refrain from posting about the Irish culture for a few weeks.”

He says he’s made the decision due to the “negative nature” of some of the messages he’s been getting.