Cabinet has approved the measure today.



From next Thursday it will be a criminal offence for anyone arriving into this country not to fill in a locator form, stating where they will self-isolate.

Cabinet ministers have approved the decision this afternoon and there will be spot checks done to make sure people are isolating.

The penalties for non compliance will be a maximum six month jail term or a fine of €2,500.

However, the new measure will not apply to people coming crossing the border from Northern Ireland.

Health Minister Simon Harris says the measure will be in effect until June 18th and will then be reviewed.

“These are extraordinary measures but they are necessary in a time of a public health crisis.

“We continue to advise everyone against non-essential travel. However, if a person does arrive into Ireland, they will legally obliged to fill out this form, regardless of their nationality.”

Minister Harris has also said the form will be used to facilitate follow up checks to make sure people who travel here are staying where they said they would, as well as allowing for more accurate and faster contact tracing, if there is a confirmed case on a flight or ferry coming into Ireland.