As if running a half marathon wasn’t tough enough!


(Lynne O’Loughlin with her children Kitty, Jonah and Harrison. Photo credit: Lynne O’Loughlin)

Lynne O’Loughlin is aiming to help nursing home residents stay connected with their family and friends during the pandemic.

She wants to raise money to buy tablets and other tech devices for nursing homes in Galway, so tomorrow she will run a half marathon at her home in Salthill, while also pushing her five year old triplets in a bike buggy!

Lynne has told The Lift it will take her 132 laps to complete, but she wants to highlight how important it is to protect nursing home residents’ mental health at this timel:

“They want to feel like they’re still part of something.  Even if they had an iPad or they had some Bluetooth headphones, that they’re able to see their grandchildren, friends and family.  I think this could go a long way for them, for their own positivity and their own mental health.”

You can donate through the “Galway nursing homes tablet/iPad campaign” GoFundMe Page.