Manna Aero is trialling the delivery of prescription medication in Co. Offaly.



Manna Aero is carrying out test flights today to trial medication deliveries by drone.

It’s starting in Co. Offaly, with drones being used to drop off prescription medication to older and vulnerable people.

The official pilot will then get under way next week.

It marks a change in direction for Manna Aero, as it was originally supposed to start trialling a food delivery service at UCD.

However it had to postpone that because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile new rules have been approved that will prevent patients going to their GP for certain prescriptions during the pandemic.

Prescriptions can now be sent to a pharmacy through an approved electronic system: the HSE’s Healthmail system.

As well as this, prescriptions will be valid for nine months from the date issued, as opposed to the previous six months, while some temporary changes to how prescriptions can be repeated are being introduced.

Health Minister Simon Harris has said it will take some pressure off doctors.