Phase two is scheduled to start next week.

phase two

(Source: @merrionstreet/Twitter)

The government is optimistic about starting phase two of lifting COVID-19 restrictions as planned.

We are due to enter the next phase on Monday, the 8th of June.

Meanwhile the government says the children of healthcare and essential workers will be prioritised when childcare facilities reopen on the 29th of June.

It has issued new guidelines for childcare facilities with childminders also allowed to return to work in phase three.

Children with disabilities and children who are disadvantaged will also be prioritised.

Elizabeth Canavan from the Department of the Taoiseach has said the ‘play pod’ model will be implemented:

“The purpose of play pods is to limit the number of people a child has contact with, to facilitate contact tracing and to support close, positive interactions between children and their caregivers.  Services will now be asked to apply the guidance to their setting and determine what capacity they may offer.”