A number of universities around the country plan to push up the cost of their on-campus accommodation from September.


(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Students at a number of universities are going to have to pay more for on-campus accommodation from September.

The Irish Independent says DCU, UCD and NUI Galway will all apply a 4 per cent increase, which is the maximum under rent pressure zone rules applied across the country.

UL will raise rent prices by between 3 and 4 per cent – while there will be a 3 per cent increase at Maynooth University.

Craig McHugh, who is the Vice President of the Dublin region of the Union of Students in Ireland, says student accommodation is already too expensive:

“If you’re looking at student accommodation, particularly around Dublin, we’re looking at €8,000 to €11,000 per year.  So already the prices are enormously high.”

NUI Galway Students’ Union says it’s “outraged” by the university’s decision to push up the price of on-campus student accommodation, saying it’s “exploiting 19,000 students and their families who cannot afford the rents they are already struggling to pay.”

It also describes it as “price gouging” which puts “another barrier to access to education for students.”