There are mixed feelings about this one…

Images via and TikTok/@onlyhaveyesforyou

A new filter has surfaced on TikTok that has received mixed reaction online.

The filter called Dynamic Photo brings to life a still photo that you have.

People on the app have used the effect on celebrities who have passed away such as Heath Ledger and David Bowie.

Here’s what the filter does.


insane #fyp #dynamicphoto #davidbowie #heathledger #thebeatles

♬ original sound – ℂ𝕙/🥀


Meanwhile others have been using it on pictures of a relative or friend who has passed away.


It’s not 100% smooth but it’s something 🥺 #dynamicphoto #mum

♬ original sound – Sarah Cothran

What do you think of it?