From today, 55 year olds can sign up for the jab.

Half a million people have now registered on the online portal to get their Covid-19 vaccine.

55 year olds can use the HSE system from today to sign up for the jab.

Thursday saw more than 46,000 doses administered which is a new daily record.

Around a third of adults have now received at least one dose.

Meanwhile, 3,600 vulnerable people will receive a Covid-19 jab in a vaccination centre in Cork this weekend.

It’s the latest clinic run by 22 GP practices in Munster Technological University.

Johnson & Johnson

The number of Covid-19 patients in public hospitals has halved in the past month.

It dropped to 111 last night which is the lowest since the 27th of September.


Four hospitals have only one Covid patient, and seven have none at all.

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