Pregnant women are being urged to get the Covid-19 vaccine once it’s offered to them.

The Government has given the green light for the vaccine to be made available to expectant mums between 14 and 36 weeks gestation.

It comes on the back of NIAC updating its advice which previously suggested the jab only be given to pregnant women who worked in healthcare settings or were at risk of severe disease.

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Dr Maeve Eogan, said that pregnant women are not more likely to get Covid-19.

But she said that they are more at risk of ending up in hospital if they contract the virus.

Meanwhile, the milestone of administering a first vaccine dose to 30 per cent of adults is set to be reached today.

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The HSE says it expects 1.5 million will have been given their first dose by the end of this weekend.

The health service says it also plans to ramp up administration to 240,000 vaccines next week.

Double that figure will be needed in June, if it’s to reach governments target of 80 percent by the end of that month.