Now we just need Covid to go away so we can visit this magical world!!

There’s a new magical experience opening right in the centre of London.

Tyla have reported that a brand new pop up ‘Wizard Afternoon Tea’ experience has dropped at the Wands & Wizards Exploratorium.

The venue has five-floors and is set to open on the 17th May in London’s Soho.

On arrival, you’ll be given a working magic wand, and welcomed into the interactive wonder-world.

The wand is said to “help you unlock mystical drinks, at an ‘experimental, wand-controlled tea station’, where you can summon your tipple from a glowing dragon egg, specify the perfect blend to suit your tastes and even make your drink change colour on demand.”

Visitors will be able to use a pestle and mortar to grind unusual teas and flowers.

You’ll also be able to cast spells to unlock puzzle chests which contain tea-brewing ingredients.


If you’re willing to splash out beyond the regular ticker cost, you can add “a glass of bubbly (literally bubbles), a pot of blossoming tea, a signature molecular cocktail, or a drink summoned from the mouth of a unicorn with your magic wand.”

The website says it has been “specially designed for social distancing!”