The iRadio Peugeot iTeam travel far and wide with Kevin Egan Cars Sligo.

There’d hardly be a more traveled team in the country than the iRadio Peugeot iTeam.
Covering 15 counties across the North West, Midlands and the North East, our team is constantly on the move.
So reliable cars are an absolute necessity, which is why we turned to Kevin Egan Cars Sligo.
Three amazing looking Peugeot 3008’s and thousands of kilometres later and it’s safe to say the marriage has been a serious success…
We’ve taken our jeeps from the hills of Donegal to lovely Laois and everywhere in between and we’ve plenty more road trips planned.

Here’s what we’ve been up-to lately:

We filled one of our jeeps with as many rugby balls as possible and set off on a tour of the country.

Asking people how many balls were inside.

The person who guessed the correct amount won a trip to the RWC in Japan.

The answer? 202!