The research gives an insight into how different Irish men and women are in their approach to organising a send-off.

Kilkenny is the hen and stag party capital of Ireland.

According to and, the city is the top destination for revellers celebrating their soon-to-be married friends.

The party providers have compiled data from 40,000 guests they’ve hosted over the last 12 months.

They discovered hen and stag parties are getting bigger, with groups increasing in size by 20 per cent since 2016.

51 per cent of stags go away for two nights or more, while 33 per cent of hens pack their festivities into a single evening.

The research shows that men never plan their own stag party but 1 in 10 brides get involved in the organisation of their pre-nuptial celebrations.

Speaking to iRadio’s The Hub, Kate Hyde from and said there’s a number of reasons for this:

“It really wouldn’t be uncommon at all for brides to plan their own hen parties. We hear different reasons for this; sometimes they don’t trust their bridesmaids, or they don’t feel they’d give them the hen they wanted.”

When it comes to activities, hens favoured gin tea parties above all else in 2018, while escape rooms proved to be one of the most popular stag pastimes last year.

And the biggest source of stress when planning either a hen or a stag?

Collecting money from the group, closely followed by securing final numbers and agreeing on an activity that everyone wants to do.

You can listen to Louise’s full interview with Kate below: