Final call for all passengers travelling on iRadio flight 102107 to destination unknown.

A lad named Albert Einstein once said “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. ”

And we tend to agree! That's why we want to add a little mystery into your life this summer.

We've teamed up with our good mates at Ireland West Airport Knock, who have given us a number of flights to give to you.

The only catch... you'll have absolutely no idea where you'll be flying to.

It might be Cologne, Barcelona, Milan, Bristol, Majorca or any one of the over 20 European destinations departing Ireland West Airport.

See full listing. Here


Let us explain how this'll work.

We're going to be hiding secret capsules all over the North West, Midlands and North East of the country.

You can find these capsules by following this here map:

Terms and ConditionsHere

To get your hands on a capsule, simply be the first human to get to the location.

There, you'll find your very own boarding pass, to a destination unknown.

And that location will remain unknown until the lucky winner contacts one of our presenters via text on 0871102107.

The presenter will then call them back and ask them for the flight number.

And it is then and only then that we can reveal just where exactly they've won flights to.

Got it?

If you're lucky enough to get a boarding pass to a destination unknown, this is what you're in for:

  • Return flights to one of five secret European destinations
  • Complimentary parking upon arrival at the airport
  • Passes to the executive Lounge

Ready for Takeoff!