We’ll be right back, just taking a quick spin to Limerick for a totally unrelated reason.

Tinder has released something we didn’t know we needed… its inaugural Year in Swipe, which captures the top Tinder trends among its users for 2018.

And wouldn’t you know it!

Limerick has found itself in the top 10 cities for Tinder activity (relative to population) in the world, coming in at number 9 globally.

Unfortunately we aren’t talking hot spot as in matches and romantic success.

Limerick is just a place where people spend a lot of time active on the app, but we guess that’d certainly increase your chances at getting some right swipes.

More details were also released, such as which emojis are most commonly used on the app.

In the UK, US, and Australia, the Friends ‘How You Doin?’ GIF reigned supreme.

But in Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, India, Japan and South Korea, the Waving Fox took the top spot as the most-used GIF.

Anyway, we’re off to Limerick for a totally unrelated matter.