Put away the wooden spoon…


(Source: www.pexels.com)

For decades the cliché has been that Irish parents, particularly the mammies, are very quick to reach for the wooden spoon, but it seems that’s not the case. According to new research by My Nametags, nearly two thirds often reward their children with praise, more than any other EU country.

Just 18 per cent of Irish mums and dads admit to being quick to lose their temper.

My Nametags Chief Executive Lars Anderson says Irish people seem to have a more positive outlook when it comes to parenting:

“You always have this discussion about positive or negative parenting – should you be positive and support your child or do you tell them off for doing things wrong? 

“It seems that Ireland is really topping Europe when it comes to that positive parenting of praising children, supporting them, giving them independence.”