“The response has been fantastic.”

Ireland has become the fastest country in the world to download a non-mandatory Covid-19 contact tracing app, reports the Irish Mirror.

Despite only being launched eight days ago, an incredible 1.3 million people have already downloaded the app.

This equates to 35% of the adult population aged 16 and older, a result which has been praised by Department of Taoiseach spokeswoman, Liz Canavan.

She said: “The COVID Tracker app will play an important part in helping everyone to stay safe and protect each other and support our contact tracing and testing operations.

“A reminder that the app will support digital and anonymous contact tracing of close contacts of confirmed cases, allow users to record if they experience symptoms and provide daily information about COVID-19.

“1.3 million people downloaded the app within eight days of launch.

“This is by far the most significant uptake of any non-mandatory contact tracing app all over the world.

“We would like to thank everyone who has downloaded it.

“At 1.3 million users, we have now reached 35% of the adult population aged 16 and older in Ireland and continue to grow.

“The response has been fantastic.

“We can confirm that the contact tracing team have started to see the benefit of the app in their work and have already spoken to a number of people that have requested a call back through the app having received a close contact alert.

“Downloading and installing the app takes two minutes, and is a simple and effective way that you can help the fight against the virus by protecting yourself, your family, your friends, and many people you don’t know.”