JJ Hough’s pub in Co Offaly addresses the issue of technology over the festive period.

JJ Hough’s pub in Banagher, Co Offaly is quickly becoming renowned for their emotive Christmas ads.

Having gone viral last year for an ad featuring a flying Guinness attached to a drone, the 2018 installment doesn’t disappoint.

Again focusing on technology, the self-produced short film is about the impact smartphones have during the festive period.

Watch it here:

The film revolves around an elderly gentleman who, frustrated with everyone in the pub gawping at their smartphone screens, chops down the nearest telegraph pole with a chainsaw.

Without TVs or technology to distract them, the locals gather at the JJ Hough’s to talk, laugh and celebrate Christmas together.

The finale sees the elderly man receive his own smartphone for Christmas and take a selfie with the grinning crowd, only to be found sat in the corner at the end, addicted to his device as the credits roll.

One person called it the “best Christmas advert this year”.

“Christmas is for spending time with family, friends and loved ones, so be smart this Christmas and put the phones away and create memories that will last a lifetime (not just trending for 5 mins),” they wrote.

“Love it, absolute love the message in the story line. Happy Xmas to u all,” wrote another.

We’d take this ad over the John Lewis one any day of the week!