It’s the highest ever global total in a single day.

919 people have died form coronavirus in Italy in the last 24 hours- the highest ever daily death toll.

There have now been more than 9,000 fatalities in the country and more than 80,000 have been infected with Covid 19.

Authorities believe the epidemic could peak in the next few days but they have warned that the crisis is far from over.

However, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove believes the virus can be controlled, speaking at the WHO this afternoon infectious disease epidemiologist she said:

”What works is case finding, its contact tracing it’s mobilising your population and communicating with them.

”It’s making sure that you have arrangements in place to that people who need to be cared for can be.

”So that healthcare workers can be protected.

”So your answer to can this be controlled, is yes. ”