When Ireland became the first country in the world to bring in same sex marriage by popular vote, it was described at home and abroad as a “social revolution”.

It was an emotional and brilliant time for all Irish people, filled with celebration and unity: Ireland didn’t just say Yes, it screamed it loud and clear.

More people voted in the same sex marriage referendum than any other since the foundation of the State.

Ireland had a spotlight on it and the world was eagerly watching and waiting for the results.

The Home to Vote hashtag went global, the hashtag that inspired millions: it’s two years since it trended.

In just 24 hours it was tweeted 72,000 times.

The message rang loud and clear; Irish people across the world let nothing stop them having their say in the Marriage Equality referendum on May 22nd 2015. They travelled home in their droves.

They came from the States:

From Germany:

From Thailand:

Even from Ethiopia:

Irish people were determined to make history.


This tweet in particular’s powerful sentiment went hugely viral.


When Ireland said yes, the world celebrated with us.

Never forget.

The following day, a new hashtag was trending…