When your Dad’s got your back…

James Corden’s father has jumped to his defence after his new movie was slated by a BBC radio presenter.

Malcolm Corden wrote a letter of complaint to Mark Kermode after he said his son’s performance in Peter Rabbit was “appallingly irritating”.


James voices the lead character in the movie, which is based on the Beatrix Potter book.

On the show 5 Live, Mark Kermode said the adaptation is nothing like the original story, and if you love Peter Rabbit you’ll be “appalled”.

He didn’t mince his words and went on to say the film is “a rather crass, Looney Tunes, live-action CG-hybrid”.

He was particularly critical of James, stating that the actor wasn’t right for the role and the movie should have been called “irritating rabbit voiced by James Corden”.

Malcolm Corden wasn’t too pleased with this assessment of his son, and sent a letter to the film critic’s show.

Mark Kermode’s co-host Simon Mayo read out the letter, which said:

“To hear you describe our son as ‘appallingly irritating’ was very difficult to listen to. One sincerely hopes that you never have to hear someone else describe your children as such, especially live on air, and especially as it seemed James was the only one drawn out for any criticism.”

However, Malcolm kindly ended the letter by praising Kermode and Mayo’s broadcasting skills and said that, when they’re not negatively reviewing James, their show is “a most uplifting way to spend a Friday afternoon”.

Don’t mess with James Corden’s Da!