Time to throw away the razors!

Women around the world are staying away from the razor this month and letting their body hair grow as part of the “Januhairy” campaign. The campaign aims to raise money to fight climate change and restore natural habitats.

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage women to accept their body hair while also raising vital funds for charity:

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Just over a week to go until #januhairy 2020! Are you thinking of taking up any challenges next month? Dry January? Veganuary? Why not try joining in with the many women around the world taking part in Januhairy! Januhairy is a project which has grown into (pun intended!) a wonderful community that empowers women globally, whilst also tackling the imminent issue of climate change that we are all facing together. This year we are raising money for the wonderful @treesisters in order to help regrow our planet whilst also battling stereotypes that we face every day. Disposable plastic razors contribute to the enormous issue of single use plastics polluting our Earth, so why not drop the razor, raise some money for a wonderful charity, whilst joining a loving and supportive community of women taking part. There is still time to get involved, so keep an eye out for our website launching tomorrow, as well as JANUHAIRY MERCH which will be coming very soon! We cant wait to embark on this challenge with you – let’s grow out our hair to clear the planet’s air! – photo by @topxrahman 🌿

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The Mirror report that the project was founded by former drama student at Exeter University, Laura Jackson. She came up with the idea while growing her own body hair for a performance.

Januhairy has now become an international campaign and has teamed up with the charity TreeSisters, who work to protect natural habitats such as forests with a focus on reforestation. You can follow all the updates over on their official Facebook page.

A recent post for the new year gave some background and motivation around the campaign:

“A very hairy new year to you all!!

Today marks the first day of #januhairy2020 where women all over the world come together to drop our razors for the month of January.

The focus may be on women, but this movement includes all genders and identities. Lets educate one another on ALL experiences within this ‘prickly’ subject.

Our charity focus this year is to support Tree Sisters in protecting, restoring and funding reforestation…

Even if you are not personally joining in with januhairy this year, I encourage you to talk about the it with others; if we see the same things again and again, it becomes normal.

I hope the new year has wonderful things in store for each and every one of you!”