Jay-Z performed the “B-Sides 2” show in his home town of New York at the weekend. In Manhattan’s Webster Hall F, Jay-Z thanked everyone there for choosing to come & see him over going to see Avengers: Endgame. Endgame is the massive comic book blockbuster that shattered box office records around the world by grossing over a billion euro in just five days.


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During a freestyle about financial progression Jay-Z flipped references about his blue Richard Mille 56 watch. The watch was customized by the RocNation founder’s personal jeweler, Alex Todd.

Todd spent 3,000 hours customizing the $2.5 (€2.23) million Richard Mille timepiece.

It is expected to hold its value due to its limited production.


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My fucking Guys!!! #Hov x #OG @richardmilleofficial Your welcome!!!

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Yes, he is worth over $900 (over €800) million, but imagine spending that amount of money… on a watch. He probably doesn’t wear it much as he probably has many watches worth a lot of money. You’d be raging if it even got scratched.

This was the setlist that he played at the Gig:

  1. “The Prelude”
  2. “Some People Hate”
  3. “Don’t You Know”
  4. “Come and Get Me”
  5. “Jigga That N****/People Talkin”
  6. “Lucifer”
  7. “Some How Some Way”
  8. “So Ambitious”
  9. “Allure”
  10. “This Life Forever”
  11. “Young G’s”
  12. “What’s Free”
  13. “Sweet”
  14. “American Dreamin’”
  15. “Success”
  16. “The World Is Yours”
  17. “Dead Presidents II”
  18. “N.Y. State of Mind”
  19. “Bring It On”
  20. “Where I’m From”
  21. “Marcy Me”
  22. “Welcome to New York City”
  23. “I Really Mean It
  24. “No Hook”
  25. “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”
  26. “Adnis”
  27. “Show You How”
  28. “LA-LA-LA”
  29. “Pump It Up Freestyle”
  30. “I Love the Dough”
  31. “Hola’ Hovito”
  32. “D’evils”
  33. “Feelin’ It”
  34. “Friend Or Foe”
  35. “Public Service Announcement
  36. “In My Lifetime (Remix)”
  37. “Never Change”
  38. “Dear Summer
  39. “Thank You”
  40. “Hovi Baby”

Himself and his wife Beyonce were honoured recently at the GLAAD Awards. They were recognised for their support of the LGBTQ community. You can read more about that HERE