JJ Hough’s Pub’s Christmas ads have become an institution. Image: Facbook

It’s the 4th addition of the pub’s Christmas ads.

JJ Hough’s Pub in Banagher, Co. Offaly have made quite the name for themselves when it comes to their creative Christmas ads.

From a flying pint in 2017, to an emotive piece about the impact of technology on social interaction in 2018, their ads have become a Christmas tradition.

And 2019 is no different, with the team from JJ Hough’s having just released ‘Emission Impossible’ and it’s already gone down a treat.

This time the story focuses on an old lady living her day-to-day life in Offaly’s bog heartland.

The doting mother places a call to her son who has moved to Dublin to ask if he’s coming home for Christmas.

The son reveals he hasn’t been home for years due to the fact he’s watching his carbon footprint, however now that he owns a ‘Tesla’ he decides it’s time to return.

Clearly changed by his time living in Dublin, the character quickly forgets newly found ‘hipster’ lifestyle as he reverts to his old self after a visit to JJ Hough’s Pub.

Proprietor Ger Hough, who plays the son in the ad, told the Offaly express: “the ad, not only about being based on a journey home for Christmas, is also based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

”Rural Ireland representing a developing country while the city represents a developed one. When more basic needs such as food shelter and warmth are needed, it is not so easy to worry about things like Climate change, where survival is your primary goal.

”It’s fine to worry about the clean air from a wealthier vantage point, but don’t be too quick to judge those in poorer places.

”The final scenes we see the main character go back to wearing socks, almost shedding his hipster ways and adapting back to a more rural way of life.” 

He added: “The ad didn’t cost any money except the fact that my car is now covered in silicone and bits of silver insulation.

”During production my wife went into labor and we had to drive to Holles street in a car that looked like a DeLorean with Alopecia.

All went well and we had a little boy called Jonah. I’m currently looking for solutions to remove the remnants of it right now.”

Check it out: