Josh Gray Urges Us All To ‘Hold On’ With Wilson Phillips Cover



iRadio in the Morning with Aidan & Oonagh chatted to Josh Gray who is making big waves in the Irish music scene and around the world with his big hit ‘Hold On’.

Josh covered this song made famous over 30 years ago by Wilson Phillips from which many will also recognize from the movie Bridesmaids. This song talks about perseverance and inner strength, its message still holds firm to this day, perhaps even more so in this “new normal” we are living in.

It’s for that reason Irish pop artist Josh Gray decided to put his own spin on ‘Hold On’ and remind everyone that, no matter what storm we all face, it will soon pass.

“Hold On’ is about perseverance. It’s a really hopeful and inspiring song,” Josh explains. “I chose to cover it because of its lyrical content and message, as so many of us right now are struggling with trying to make sense and adapt to these crazy times.

It’s been very hard on so many people this year. I think it’s important for us all to try to be more open and vocal about how we’re feeling, and it’s important to remind your nearest and dearest, who maybe struggle a bit more than others, that they’re not alone.”

With a big 2021 ahead for Josh Gray, including touring with one of his all-time favourite bands McFly, ‘Hold On’ is the perfect way for him to round off a tumultuous year for everyone. Hold on. Better times are coming!


Watch Aidan & Oonagh’s Interview with Josh Gray