Our tips on how to sound like a Rugby expert during today’s match

So you aren’t really huge into your Rugby… but like any good Irish citizen, you swell up with National pride every time Ireland is playing in a big match…

And you’re deciding to jump on the bandwagon. Well climb aboard, all are welcome!

Today’s match, Ireland verses Scotland, is kind of  a big deal.

Why? Because if Ireland win, they’ll be crowned champions of the Six-Nations series.

Lose, and it’ll all come down to a grudge match, against England… in England… on Paddy’s Day. Wow.

But for peace of mind, let’s just hope the Boys in Green get the job done at the Aviva today.

Anyway, back to the point…

If you’re planing to gather with some friends to watch the match and want to sound like you know your lines-outs from your scrums, then grab a pen, because…

Here’s a few things you can casually say to make sure you sound like a fully fledged Ireland Rugby nut:

1. ”You never know, Scotland will have confidence after beating England”

– So Scotland upset England two weeks ago, and absolutely no one expected it. Consequently, no one really knows how Scotland will play today either. This comment will make it sound like you’ve been paying attention the entire time. Easy.

2. ”Ah lads, we can’t be getting ahead of ourselves now!”

– You definitely don’t want to sound TOO confident. Anything can happen in an International match, so keep the cockiness to a minimum. Be safe, be humble.

3. ‘’We MUST keep hold of the ball today”

-It means we can’t keep dropping the ball, or we’ll lose. But for some reason people like to point that out. So go for it, you’ll be met with nods of agreement.

4. ”Sure France might just do it for us ya know!”

-France and England play after our match, if France win and we win, the Tournament is ours. Again, makes it seem like you’ve been paying attention.

5. ”BUT, that depends on what French team turns up’’

-This saying is almost as old as France itself… despite France only having the one physical team, you’ll hear this over and over.

They’re unpredictable… they may well just come out and blitz England, or they may be 20-points down in the first 10-minutes… you just don’t know!

6. ‘‘The first 20 minutes will be crucial’’

-Kind of obvious this one… But it’s an easy conversation win… because, well EVERY minute is crucial really.

7. ”He loves to run with the ball”

-Basically any Rugby player who gets the ball in a bit of space will run with the ball. However again, people like to point this out, use this phrase and you’ll fit right in.

8. ‘‘We have to play for the whole 80 minutes’

-Ten, Fifteen or Twenty minute lapses can cost you dearly in a game of Rugby. This one is pretty accurate, and is as common as a broken iPhone screen.

So there you go, use one or all of these phrases tomorrow and no one will even suspect you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!

Oh, and COYBIG!