What else could you want on Valentines Day ?

Image Source: MoonPig.Co.Uk

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us and if your confused what to get your loved one, well fear not KFC and Moonpig have you covered.

The duo have released a limited edition Valentines card that are ‘Scratch n Sniff’ meaning once scratch it gives off a friend chicken odour.

Eight other cards are also available with a range of puns including ‘fancy a peck’, ‘we go together like chicken and gravy’ and ‘ you’re a snack, wanna cluck?’

There is only 1,800 of the cards on sale so if you want one you’ll need to act fast and the last day to purchase the cards in 14 February.

Profits from the card sales will go towards the KFC Foundation and the cost of the cards start from £3.29 (€3.88).

This isn’t KFC’S collaboration, they recently teamed up Pizza Hut to create a popcorn chicken pizza.

So if the card doesn’t seal the deal on Valentines day maybe a date night with their limited edition pizza will.