Children as young as four were left in tears after they were made to smash up chocolate Santas after being told Father Christmas isn’t real.

Children at Fleet Wood Lane School were left devastated following an assembly hosted by a volunteer from a Christian charity.

Pupils as young as four were reportedly made to smash chocolate santas after being told he doesn’t exist.

Rachael Cotton, Headteacher at Fleet Wood Lane School in Lincolnshire, has apologised and said the school wouldn’t work with the group again.

The teacher denies children were told Santa doesn’t exist, however parents said that is the conclusion their children came to.

The volunteer was from the Mary Bass Charity which aims to ‘further the religious and other charitable work of the Church Of England’.

She allegedly told them Santa was ‘made up’ and the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus, not Santa.

The mother of a four-year-old said: ‘My children said two children were asked to come to the front of the hall and smash chocolate Santas and reindeer with hammers to symbolise they were not what Christmas was all about.

‘They were encouraged to do this by the offer that they could take the chocolate home afterwards, and were also told that if they didn’t believe in God and Jesus they would go to hell.

‘Many of the children took that to mean that Santa was not real.

My children were quite upset and we had to reassure them that he was and they would still be getting presents this year.’