“Police will not be out there tonight with a 1.5m ruler”

As nightclubs reopen in Australia tonight with restrictions including no kissing or hugging.

Nightclubs and Casinos will make a reopen their doors tonight for the first time in three months.

Although, health officials have warned that there will be no handshakes,hugging and kissing.

According to the Sun, they have also issued social distancing of 1.5 metres to prevent a second outbreak.

Health Minister for Western Australia Roger Cook said: “Police will not be out there tonight with a 1.5m ruler on the dance floor ensuring people stay apart.

“But we want people to be sensible. We want people to understand that their future is in their hands in relation to how we deal with this disease.

“The reason we’ve been so successful is because everyone in the community has take the opportunity to apply themselves to all the restrictions, the physical distancing and the measures which are so successful.”

Mr Cook also gave advice for people wanting to meet up through dating apps.

He said: “If you’re meeting with someone that you don’t know, well, you may want to get to know them.

“You need to treat dating like the easing of restrictions – you take small steps, you sit back, you wait for the response, and then you take another step.

“But let’s not dive – it’s important to protect yourself.”