Live and let dry!

Residents in a town in Devon are hanging their washing in front of their houses.

Rows and rows of clean laundry can be seen strung on the streets of Colyton.

It’s an act of solidarity with a woman who was criticised in an anonymous letter for airing her washing outside her home.

Claire Mountjoy received a letter stating that tourists would be upset by her laundry and put off visiting.

The letter writer claimed to speak on behalf of local businesses, telling her to use a tumble dryer or hang her washing inside her home instead.

But when she went public, the community rallied around her, defying the anonymous person by hanging up their most colourful underwear for all to see.

Speaking to the Metro, Claire said that Colyton is known as the most rebellious town in Devon:

“It is quite strange that someone should be so upset about it. They suggest that visitors would be put off but actually our laundry revolution is actually bringing in more visitors.

I want to say to whoever wrote the note that they really should be doing their washing in a more environmentally friendly way and putting it outside.”

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