Know that noise? Bag yourself ca$h with the AO Show

The AO Show have kicked off their brand new game ‘Know That Noise’ which features the AO Show virtual assistant  – iRene.

iRene has revealed a noise to the AO Show crew and we had our first people on this morning trying to guess the noise to win themselves cash.

The prize pot will hit 900 on Friday the 26th of April if gone unclaimed!

Wanna hear that noise?

If you haven’t heard the noise yet and would like to give it a guess, listen back below


Wrong guesses

An industrial freezer opening/closing

A record player arm clicking in to play

A self-close drawer 

Percussion instrument 

The noise is nothing (a made up sound FX)

A self-inking Date Stamp

A microphone dropping on the floor

A patio door closing

A bottle flip (bottle falling over)

The click at the end of the Audi advert

Sound of a Swipe Card

VW car closing (sound from an advert)

A wrapping machine

Opening and closing the button on a flask or thermos

Conveyor belt at an airport

Loom for weaving thread

Wing mirror being moved on a car

A Padlock opening/closing

Ball bouncing

Pringles Can being Popped

A nail gun

Window closing and opening

Arm of an office chair being adjusted

The clips on a suitcase closing shut

Wheels of a suitcase

Disposable cups of a water cooler being refilled

Slapping a desk

Jumping on a pogo stick

A Labelling gun

A horses hoof

Someone doing the cup song

Closing a washing machine pods container lid

A photocopier Machine

A laptop lid closing

Closing the Lid on a heavy duty Storage Box

Train going over train tracks

Horse getting into a horse box

Someone playing tennis/hitting ball against a wall

Vans/Crocs hitting the floor

Car door closing

Chopping vegetables on a chopping board

Plugging in a microphone

Ring Binder / Clip Folder Closing

Microwave Popcorn

The boot on the car popping open

The sound of a PVC window opening/closing

Horses galloping

Ice-box dispenser

Taping a bodhran

Books falling off a shelf

Paper being spiral-bound

Lid closing on a piano

Door Washing Machine closing

Fireworks exploding

An auxiliary cable plugging in

Someone dancing

Wooden Door

A Stamp pressing down on a piece of paper

Industrial photocopier / photocopier

Day 32 Wrong guesses

Petrol Pump going back into holder

Dog/ Cat Flaps

Day 31 Wrong guesses

Pedal Bin Closing

Fuel cap clipping on to car

Lunch Box Lid closing

Dance steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Opening a Briefcase

The latch on a wardrobe opening and closing

A Squash ball off a squash court

Slapping your hands on the desk

A Ping Pong Ball bouncing

Day 27 – wrong guesses

A Treasure Chest Box closing

Needle coming off a record player

A coffee pod being put into a coffee machine

A bowling ball dispenser at ten pin bowling

A lid on a wheelie bin opening and closing.

A basketball going through a hoop

Rolling A dice

A vending machine dispensing a soft drink

A Catapult

A Staple Remover

Closing a suitcase

Someone dancing/tap dancing.

A chalkboard duster hitting off a blackboard.

Paula reckons it was a handball hitting off a wall.

A rubber stamp

A Stapler

Central Locking on a car

Guitar case opening and closing

A Car seat moving forwards

Punching a punch bag

Ring binder in a folder

Fuel Cap door on a car

Attic door opening/closing

A speaker being plugged into a phone

A diving board

Playing a Bodhran

A snooker/pool ball going in to a pocket

A car glove box opening or closing

Kicking a ball against a wall

Putting a book on a table

Irish Dancing

Fluffing a pillow

A tennis ball being served.

A briefcase closing

A front door opening and closing

A ball bouncing down a stairs

A horse trotting.

Opening the lid on a lunch box.

Tapping on a car door

Kicking a box and falling over!

A car going over a speed bump.

A paper punch.

A Stapler

A car door closing! Oops – afraid not.

A box opening.

Someone going up a stairs

Someone taking their shoes off on a wooden floor.

A basketball bouncing.

Day 1 – 100 euro

A baggage holder door on a plane.

A door in a car closing.