Know that noise? Bag yourself ca$h with the AO Show

The prize pot will hit €1550 on Friday the 19th of July if gone unclaimed!

Wanna hear that noise?

If you haven’t heard the noise yet and would like to give it a guess, listen back below

Wrong guesses

A Mic dropping

Fridge door closing

Piercing cling film

Emergency exit door opening/closing

A Security box (for nuclear bombs!)

Irish dancing shoes

A Stapler

The kick pedal on a drum kit

A Spring-loaded bin

A pendulum clock

A lunch box opening/closing

Opening a guitar case

Paper punch

Bucket falling onto a floor

A tennis ball machine

Blinds on a window being pulled

A rock falling

Spinning a coin and stopping it with your palm

A horse going over a fence and knocking it

Someone doing a jig without music

Squash ball /game

Something going through a letterbox

The Sound of Horses Hooves

A photocopier

Shower door

Sky light in a caravan

A Conga drum

A dishwasher

A Tyre bring dropped on the ground

A snooker table noise (ball dropping into the pocket)

Glove Compartment

Clicking on an app on your phone

A gas boiler switching on

Car hitting cats eyes changing lanes

A Bingo Ball machine

Hoover cable recoil

Needle on a record player

Gearbox on the car

Flipping a bottle

Swinging doors

A can of coke coming out a vending machine

A Kettle turning on/off

Trying to lock a car that’s already been locked

Rolling a Wheelie bin over cobbled stones/off a step

Someone tapping the top of a microphone after turning it on

Plugging a laptop into a docking station

A Sneeze

The rolling door catch on a hotpress

Chest-door/lid on a freezer closing

A Kettle going back on its stand / element

Old manual locking system in a car

Seats flipping up in a stadium

The sensor light coming on in a bathroom

Letting up or down an office chair/recliner

The Central Locking clicker on a VAN

Swing doors in a saloon flapping open/shut

Automatic flush on a toilet

A horse knocking down a barrier

Dealing a deck of cards

Putting a card in a bank ATM

Opening a can of dog food

Closing the portholes on an incubator

The button on a water bottle clicking open/shut

Closing a lunch box

A Folder being shut

Slapping dust off your clothes

The lid opening on a mayonnaise bottle

A wooden chair on a wooden floor going forward where the chair slams down and rocks a wee bit

A Horse walking onto a horsebox

Something falling down a  stairs (no – not a nun!)

A Briefcase

A ringbinder

A Sliotar hitting off a hurley

A CD changing in a jukebox

Closing or opening a Skylight on a bus.

Opening the Lid on dental floss

Changing Gears in the car

Car going over a speed bump

The lid on a old CD player/walkman closing

An Old typewriter

Car seat adjusted

Fingers tapping on a desk

Seatbelt gets caught in the door and is thrown back in

Microphone being adjusted

Victorian Thread Box

Overhead lockers on an airplane closing/opening

Nail Gun

A microwave door opening/closing

A dart hitting a dartboard

The clicking sound of a recliner going up or down.

An industrial freezer opening/closing

A record player arm clicking in to play

A self-close drawer

Percussion instrument

The noise is nothing (a made up sound FX)

A self-inking Date Stamp

A microphone dropping on the floor

A patio door closing

A bottle flip (bottle falling over)

The click at the end of the Audi advert

Sound of a Swipe Card

VW car closing (sound from an advert)

A wrapping machine

Opening and closing the button on a flask or thermos

Conveyor belt at an airport

Loom for weaving thread

Wing mirror being moved on a car

A Padlock opening/closing

Ball bouncing

Pringles Can being Popped

A nail gun

Window closing and opening

Arm of an office chair being adjusted

The clips on a suitcase closing shut

Wheels of a suitcase

Disposable cups of a water cooler being refilled

Slapping a desk

Jumping on a pogo stick

A Labelling gun

A horses hoof

Someone doing the cup song

Closing a washing machine pods container lid

A photocopier Machine

A laptop lid closing

Closing the Lid on a heavy duty Storage Box

Train going over train tracks

Horse getting into a horse box

Someone playing tennis/hitting ball against a wall

Vans/Crocs hitting the floor

Car door closing

Chopping vegetables on a chopping board

Plugging in a microphone

Ring Binder / Clip Folder Closing

Microwave Popcorn

The boot on the car popping open

The sound of a PVC window opening/closing

Horses galloping

Ice-box dispenser

Taping a bodhran

Books falling off a shelf

Paper being spiral-bound

Lid closing on a piano

Door Washing Machine closing

Fireworks exploding

An auxiliary cable plugging in

Someone dancing

Wooden Door

A Stamp pressing down on a piece of paper

Industrial photocopier / photocopier

Day 32 Wrong guesses

Petrol Pump going back into holder

Dog/ Cat Flaps

Day 31 Wrong guesses

Pedal Bin Closing

Fuel cap clipping on to car

Lunch Box Lid closing

Dance steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Opening a Briefcase

The latch on a wardrobe opening and closing

A Squash ball off a squash court

Slapping your hands on the desk

A Ping Pong Ball bouncing

Day 27 – wrong guesses

A Treasure Chest Box closing

Needle coming off a record player

A coffee pod being put into a coffee machine

A bowling ball dispenser at ten pin bowling

A lid on a wheelie bin opening and closing.

A basketball going through a hoop

Rolling A dice

A vending machine dispensing a soft drink

A Catapult

A Staple Remover

Closing a suitcase

Someone dancing/tap dancing.

A chalkboard duster hitting off a blackboard.

Paula reckons it was a handball hitting off a wall.

A rubber stamp

A Stapler

Central Locking on a car

Guitar case opening and closing

A Car seat moving forwards

Punching a punch bag

Ring binder in a folder

Fuel Cap door on a car


Attic door opening/closing

A speaker being plugged into a phone

A diving board

Playing a Bodhran

A snooker/pool ball going in to a pocket

A car glove box opening or closing

Kicking a ball against a wall

Putting a book on a table

Irish Dancing

Fluffing a pillow

A tennis ball being served.

A briefcase closing

A front door opening and closing

A ball bouncing down a stairs

A horse trotting.

Opening the lid on a lunch box.

Tapping on a car door

Kicking a box and falling over!

A car going over a speed bump.

A paper punch.

A Stapler

A car door closing! Oops – afraid not.

A box opening.

Someone going up a stairs

Someone taking their shoes off on a wooden floor.

A basketball bouncing.

Day 1 – 100 euro

A baggage holder door on a plane.

A door in a car closing.