The call coincides with “Dog Friendly Ireland Day.”



There are calls for property websites such as to make it clear if a home is pet friendly.

Dogs Trust is highlighting how the rental crisis is affecting pet owners with some tenants being forced to give up their dogs.

Fifteen per cent of surrender calls made to the charity last year were from people who were not allowed to have pets in the properties they were renting.

Dogs Trust spokesperson Ciara Byrne says having to move without your dog can be very upsetting:

“Some people have had their dogs for years and years, their dogs can be old, and moving can cause such upset for not only the owner, but their dog as well.  It’s so upsetting to think that someone has to put their dog somewhere that they’re unfamiliar with, because they can’t find accommodation.” 

Meanwhile, estate agent Owen Reilly is encouraging landlords to be more open minded:

“Remember that [pet-owners] tend to be responsible people by nature.  Because it’s so difficult to find a property with a pet, if you will allow them in, the chances are they’ll stay longer renting your property, so less voids, less having to go back on the market again in the future.”