Definitely worth it.

As you’re more than likely well aware, this year is a leap year, meaning February has 29 calendar days.

And historically, it’s on this day (February 29th) that women have been able to flip the script and propose.

Obviously in this day and age women can propose whenever and wherever they want – but this is just a little tradition.

And keeping with the historical ties, Hotel Ranga, which is one hour away from Reykjavik in Iceland, is offering a free one night stay if you’re a lady planning to propose on 29th February.

Eyrún Aníta Gylfadóttir, the hotel’s marketing manager, told Travel + Leisure

“Iceland in general is a big champion of women, and we love that Leap Year has this tradition where it’s good luck for ladies to propose marriage on this day.”

She continued:

“We wanted to empower women to have the courage to take the lead not only on Leap Day, but every day, and celebrate them for it! Plus, we’re located in an especially beautiful location and are a romantic choice for couples looking to pop the question, celebrate a special occasion and enjoy an adventurous getaway.”

A wedding co-ordinator will even be on hand to help you plan the proposal.

And if its a yes, you’ll get access to one of the hotel’s hot tubs to get a romantic glimpse of the Northern Lights.

So… what’s left to do but get down one knee?

Women who want to book this proposal should email the Hotel Ranga at [email protected]. The offer is subject to availability.