80% of students believe the leaving cert doesn’t fairly assess their intelligence. 

The leaving cert exam system is taking a severe toll on the mental and physical health of Irish students, according to a Studyclix.ie survey released today.

The survey questioned more than 3,500 second-level students and found that more than half of Leaving Cert students have suffered a physical or mental health issue as a result of the exam cycle.

A majority have suffered from either anxiety, weight gain, weight loss, insomnia and depression. While three quarters of respondents also claimed being under a lot or extreme stress in the two year cycle.

The results. 

  • 75% of second-level students reported feeling a lot or an extreme amount of stress.
  • 57% of 6th Year students saying they developed a mental or physical health issue as a result of exam pressure.
  • 71% suffered Anxiety is the chief issue 
  • 47% experienced weight gain 
  • 35% had insomnia
  • 28% suffered depression 
  • And 15% reported weight loss

Meanwhile up to to 69% of students believe that the Leaving Certificate points system will not help them to follow their desired study or career path.

When asked if the Leaving Cert fairly assessed their intelligence, 80% of students said ‘No’.