”The letter basically implied that my children are burdens to society.”

A mother of four has reported anonymous hate mail targeting her children, two of whom have autism, to gardaí.

Samantha Kenny from Athy, Co. Kildare has publicly campaigned for back to school guidelines to include consideration for children with special needs.

She said she was left reeling when she received the letter.

”The letter basically implied that my children are burdens to society that I expect the state to support them”, she said.

”That I must’ve been abusing myself during pregnancy to cause my kids to have autism.

”And on top of that I chose to decided to have another child afterwards who is now in pain and suffering because she has a rare genetic syndrome, apparently, and that I should’ve considered an abortion”.

Samantha says gardaí are working to trace the sender.

“To receive something that’s so hate-filled is disgusting. They completely dehumanise my children to just being a burden, she told the Irish Examiner.

“How dare this person write that letter. My children are happy, loved, and accepted. They are full of joy, and they bring so much joy to everybody in their life.”