Lewis Capaldi has been in the charts since the start of the year with his massive hit ‘Someone You Loved’. It has also been #1 for the last few weeks. He’s quite the Instagram celebrity now too after all his hilarious videos, especially in Glasgow where he’s from.

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I want to be taken seriously as a musician. full content in bio watch out for ur boner xox

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A Bar in Glasgow called So L.A. decided to offer a free cocktail for anyone who had the name Lewis Capaldi (which is quite an unusual name).  It was a new cocktail which they named ‘From Bathgate to L.A.’ as he is from the town of Bathgate in Glasgow, and they were launching it at the weekend as yesterday was National Cocktail Day. The Bar manager Iain Reid came up with the cocktail himself and it’s a mix of Roku gin, sake, Japanese ginger and lychee liqueur. It’s on sale for a limited time, only until Mother’s Day.

Lewis is probably worth quite a bit of money since all of his success, especially over the past three months. But it seems he is just like the rest of us, never one to turn down a free drink.

He showed up as So L.A. to claim his free drink and staff and customers there on the night were stunned.

He of course had no problem taking selfies with everyone there. He seems so sound!

He was due to play recently as support to Bastille in The Olympia Theatre in Dublin. There was bad weather and Bastille weren’t able to get all of their equipment to Ireland so they had to cancel. Lewis Capaldi came over to Ireland anyway and didn’t want to disappoint his Irish fans that wanted to see him so he played a free gig at an Open Mic night in Dublin. Free? What a legend!