How can something we’ve never heard of suddenly become so essential?

Lidl is releasing the handbag you never knew you needed – one that chills and also dispenses wine, incredible stuff.

The bags, which are selling for a reasonable €29.99 will be available from Thursday, May 28, and come in three different styles.

And the best bit, each has a secret compartment with a 1.5 litre beverage bag and a secret nozzle so you can discretely top up, without having to actually get up.

In case you’re wondering, a 1.5 litre limit is roughly the same size as a magnum-sized bottle of wine.

However, before you go rushing to get your hands on one, remember Lidl is implementing strict social distancing in its stores, along with priority shopping hours for at risks groups and the elderly between 9am and 11am.

You can see when is the best time for you to visit one of their stores here.