38-year-old Declan Cashin. Picture: Instagram/DeclanCashin Source: Instagram

This is almost too relateable.

An Irish man has marked turning 38 years old by sharing a list of 38 life lessons he has learnt over his journey.

Declan Cashin, who lives in London, took to Twitter on Monday to let his 29,000 followers in on some things he’s “learned or learned to accept” in life.

From removing your backpack on crowded public transport (essential politeness) to helping out friends with children, Declan’s list has been described as “inspirational”, “hilarious” and incredibly relatable.

The 38-year-old is actually employed by Twitter, and said he hoped his list brought “enjoyment, mockery, trolling and contemplation” to the platform’s users.

Via a series of screenshots from an iPhone, he sent his 38 points into the ‘Twittersphere’.

The list also included a few practical tips like, “Try to be on time for things”, “Take your backpack off on busy trains” and “Stop avoiding the dentist”.

Declan’s list: Source: Twitter

Declan also encouraged people to “Get a therapist, if you can.”

“Even if you think you don’t need one. Especially if you think you don’t need one.”

He warned friends with kids “need your help”. “Don’t believe them when they insist they have it all under control,” he wrote.

“They’re exhausted. Offer to babysit.”

Tip #23 on Declan’s list was a major crowd-pleaser: “Dogs should be compulsory on public transport during the morning commute.”

Declan’s list: Source: Twitter

A few of the tips try to find the lighter side of life, like tip #12: “Nobody is having as much sex as you think they are.”

Or tip #37, where Declan denotes that “Naps are f***ing great. Embrace them.”

And tip #20: “New Year’s Eve is always terrible.” “Go out on December 30, if you must, and then spend December 31 doing nothing,” he wrote.

Declan’s list: Source: Twitter

Other Twitter users reacted with overwhelming positivity to Declan’s list.

Declan said he was overwhelmed by the “huge response” to his list of life lessons. “Thank you all for being kind and thoughtful,” he wrote.

You can check out his full list of life tips, here.