In this week’s ‘Asking For A Friend’ Linda got in touch with Aidan and Oonagh in the Morning with a dilemma she needed advice on.

Linda wrote: Hey Aidan and Oonagh

HELP – I fancy my dentist and I don’t know if he’s on the market or not.

He’s an absolute lasher lads – I mean talk about getting over my fear of the dentist – most people have nightmares about sitting in the dentists chair – where as all my fantasies take place there lol.

Seriouly though – I’ve finished all my dental work and unless I pull a tooth loose, I have no reason to go back to him again.

I think he was kind of flirting with me – he asked what I liked to do in my spare time – why else would he ask that unless he was sussin me out.

I’ve tried to stalk him online to see if he has a girlfriend or not but his Facebook and Instagram are set to private – so annoying!!!

I’d gladly put the moves on him if I thought he was single.

How do I found out without looking like a stalker?



As always, the iRadio family were at hand to offer their two cents!

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