Fancy spending a little quality time with Little Hours?

How would you rather watch your favourite artist play?

In among a sea of sweaty bodies jostling for prime position… Or in a relaxed cosy, intimate space where you can truly appreciate their performance?

We’d take the second option every time.

Which is why we’re pumped to announce our exclusive listener gig with homegrown heartthrob Little Hours at Wee Downings Bar!

As part of our mammoth iGoHome tour around the country, Dave Duke from The Lift is heading to Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal.

And after the Donegal leg of his adventure, the lucky man will get to be serenaded by Little Hours – along with co-host Fionnuala Corbett and some very lucky iRadio listeners.

We’ve also been told there’ll be a brand new single making an appearance, just in case you needed extra motivation to go.

So if you want to be one of the lucky people in the audience for this amazing gig, simply fill out your details in the registration box below!

Good luck.

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What: Exclusive Little Hours gig.

Where: Wee Downings Bar, Downings, Co. Donegal.

When: Thursday August 15, 8pm.