The man grew concerned about his four-legged friend as it “didn’t run like a dog”.

A lonely office worker in China was shocked to discover that the cute puppy he bought was actually a rodent.

The man purchased the small black pet from a dog dealer, who told him he was getting a good deal.

However, he soon became worried about his new friend as it was “behaving weird” and “didn’t run like a dog”.

Perplexed, he posted photos of the animal on social media in the hope of discovering what it was.

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Local media report that he was told his pet was a bamboo rat, a rodent commonly found in Southern China, Burma and Vietnam.

They feed on bamboo shoots and are considered delicacies in some Chinese regions.

The man allegedly gave his new pet away because he didn’t know how to properly care for it.

We think it’s adorable and looks a bit like a guinea pig.