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“I just try to be a decent person,”

If you are thinking of what jumper to get for you staff zoom party this year, we may have a suggestion.

You can now buy a Louis Theroux Christmas jumper.

The BBC broadcaster has gained a fan base over his 50-year-old documentary skills.

To add festive feeling the jumper has Christmas trees, reindeer and stars along with the punchline ‘Dashing Theroux The Snow’.

The sweaters are available online for £25.99 (€29.14) on

According to Tyla, Theroux said in a 2018 Q&A:

“I just try to be a decent person,”

“Having glasses and being a bit of a geek doesn’t hurt.

“I think people can see me as someone who isn’t going to be a bully and who is basically trying very hard to read the signals, and not be a d***.”