Image: Louis Vuitton

The designer visor would set you back €800.

Iconic fashion label Louis Vuitton is launching it’s own stylish take on PPE and it will break the bank.

The LV Shield, which also doubles up as a cap, and is set to cost £750 (€800), reports Ladbible

So what does €800 for a face visor get you?

Well it comes complete with gold-coloured studs, and is trimmed with the Louis Vuitton iconic monogram print.

It’s also photochromatic, meaning it changes colour in reaction to the light. 

And it even doubles as a cap, which could be handy if it starts raining (and there’s nobody within two metres of you).

However, even if you could afford to go out and buy one of these, the HSE still recommends the use of cloth or disposable face masks.

It says face visors ”are not as good as wearing a face covering, but you’ll still get some level of protection”.