Just in time for the newest series!

At the weekend, ITV confirmed the newest series of Love Island would be back on our screens this month.

So, we’ve had a peep at their website and there’s plenty of personalised items on sale to get you in the mood for the summer love show.

The iconic Love Island bottles are top of our list.

Getting one bottle with your name on would usually set you back about £15, but right now you can get 2 for £20.

Ideal if you think your best mate would like one too.

Image via loveislandshop.co.uk

Now, who doesn’t love a stylish suitcase?

Whenever we get back to baggage claim at the airports, we think this next item would come in super handy.

You’d be the envy of all around with a personalised Love Island suitcase.

Plus, you’d be able to spot it on the conveyor belt a mile away.

Next on the list is a personalised robe.

Image via loveislandshop.co.uk

We came across lots of other bits, like phone cases and washbags, but there was one odd thing we can’t help but mention.

It’s probably inspired by the iconic baby-minding challenge.

Image via loveislandshop.co.uk

Super cute though right?

So, if you’re enough of a super-fan, head on over to the website and get kitted out for a month of sitting on the couch.