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Heading out for a romantic dinner? Or spending the evening swiping through Tinder?
There’s perhaps no day more divisive than St. Valentines Day.

For those head over heels in love it’s a day for flowers and roses.

But for those currently going about things solo, well they just can’t wait for the 14th to be over.

This Valentines Day we’ll be catering for those on both sides of the fence!

All day long we’ll be running our “Romance or no chance” poll. Putting love songs and break-up songs head-to-head to see which comes out the victor.

All you need to do is vote for your choice and you could score yourself a pair of tickets to see Westlife at Croke Park!

So what camp are you in?

Love and cake… or is your ex a snake?

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Happy Valentines Day.
We hope you get the shift