More than half of people are in favour of level 5 restrictions.

That’s according to an Ireland Thinks poll in the Mail on Sunday, which found that 51 percent of people believe level 5 is the correct way forward.

41 percent are against the move, with men more likely to disagree with the Level 5 recommendation than women.

More than half of those polled said they were better equipped to deal with a second lockdown as opposed to the first.


The restaurant industry says it’s happy to take the “short, sharp pain” of tougher Covid 19 restrictions in order to re-open at Christmas.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland says it would welcome a few weeks of stringent measures.

However it says it’s keen to have any decision on tougher measures made swiftly, so business can resume as soon as possible.

Adrian Cummins said the sector is ready for any tougher regime that may come this week: