An American man was jailed yesterday for filming an upskirting video on his mobile phone.

The incident took place at Dublin’s Pride parade at the weekend.

The Rape Crisis Network has praised a judge, Gardai and the DPP for their handling of the issue.

Russell Sykes, from South Carolina, pleaded guilty to engaging in offensive conduct of a sexual nature.

He’s been sentenced to two months in prison.

Caroline Counihan, Legal Policy Director with the RCN, believes such swift action sends out a positive message.

She says “The matter was very soon in court before Judge Gibbons, whose remarks I applaud”.

Upskirting is covered under general lewd conduct legislation.

Ms Counihan feels “it’s very encouraging for survivors when that kind of positive statement comes from the Gardaí, the DPP and the judge”.

It’s led to calls for sex offence laws to keep up with technology.

Senator Ivana Bacik believes more legislation is needed.

The Labour representative feels it should cover areas such as the unauthorised distribution of private photos or online harassment.

She accepts the act of upskirting is a relatively new concept.

However, she feels “there’s a need to consolidate our laws on sex offences to ensure there’s a coherency or consistency across them”.