Would you have anything in your car that you’d be able to nibble on?!

An American man and his dog survived being trapped in a vehicle for five days by snacking on an unusual item.

The Metro reports that Jeremy Taylor and his pooch Ally went to buy petrol last week but got stuck in deep snow in Sunriver, Oregon.

Jeremy & one of his furry friends in sunnier times /Image Source: Facebook

The 36 year old was forced to spend the night in his Toyota 4Runner but even more snow fell overnight.

He then tried to walk for help but returned to his jeep as the snow was too heavy.

Jeremy, who had left his phone at home, told police that he survived by periodically starting his engine to keep warm and eating packets of taco sauce that he found in his car.

His family reported him missing three days after he went to get petrol, but it wasn’t until day five that police found him and Ally huddled up in the truck.

After his rescue, Jeremy joked: “Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!”