Know someone who’d be up for this?

Image via E4

Have you binged through Married at First Sight Australia? Think you’re able for the drama of it all?

The UK version of the show is looking for people to get involved.

Married at First Sight has already aired for five seasons in the UK but before now, the format was a lot different from its Australian counterpart.

It’s a lot more understated where the couples are kept separate. They first meet at the top of the aisle, go on their honeymoon and then move in together before deciding if they want to stay married or go through a divorce.

However, reports that the sixth season of Married At First Sight UK is going to lean more towards the Aussie version. This time, couples will have a commitment ceremony instead of a legally binding marriage. They’ll then go on a luxury honeymoon before moving in with each other AND their fellow couples.

Know someone who’s willing to give it a go?

You can apply to be on the show here with applications closing within the next few days.

The show is set to air on E4 later this year.