Who needs one these in their home?

This isn’t the first time we have seen a company release a booze-themed scented candle.

Who could forget when you could buy a candle that smelt like a pub.

Although, the smell of ashtrays and empty pint glasses may not have been the scent you wanted for your home.

Now Apotheke have released a scent that we think everyone can get behind.

The fragrance experts have launched booze-themed candles including an espresso martini, penicillin cocktail and gin gimlet .

According to TheDrinksBusiness, these scents are a nod to three of the world’s best bars and their famous cocktails.

The Maybe Sammy’s candle  is a take on the espresso martini and is described as:

“warm notes of vanilla, vodka, cedar-wood, vetiver, and musk with buzzy notes of espresso inspired by Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur (also roasted and distilled in Australia).”

The NoMad expression is based on their gin gimlet Nod to Nothing cocktail and has fragrances that “combines rich notes of bergamot with a whimsical mix of almond, thyme, green leaves, earl grey tea, rose, chamomile, vanilla, and musk for a candle that pays perfect homage to the wizardry and whimsy of the famous NY bar.”

Know someone that needs a boozey candle in their home this Christmas?